I Can’t Fall Asleep But I Sure Can Dream

conquistadorStyle Card

Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks) Xia in Light Browns (New!)

Skin: Lara Hurley (Lara Hurley) Pearl in Natural Pale

Lingerie: Luxuria (Roslin Petion) Leanna Bodysuit in Warm Taupe (ROMP)

Pose: Kirin (Carolina Sautereau) Nyu Pose Pack (Kustom9)


Artisan Fantasy (ArtizanMesh Resident) Conquistador Bed (ROMP)

Artisan Fantasy (ArtizanMesh Resident) Conquistador Screen (ROMP)

Artisan Fantasy (ArtizanMesh Resident) Conquistador Lamp (ROMP)

Artisan Fantasy (ArtizanMesh Resident) Conquistador Side Table (ROMP)

Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg) Hodgepodge Wine Duet

DRD (DeathRowDesigns Resident) Mystery Mansion 2 Old Rug

Ariskea (Diaxm Resident) Petite Paris Skybox RARE




I’ll Keep Waiting

He had been working extra hours at work lately so she wanted to surprise him the best way she knew how. He could never resist her when she wore something sheer and sexy for him so she dressed herself in her new lingerie from Luxuria and positioned herself by his favorite chair. She knew that as soon as he came in, she’d be the first thing he saw and hopefully, she’d help him burn off some of that work stress.

As she kneeled waiting, she tied a blindfold around her head. The blackness surrounded her so she was left with her thoughts which soon turned wicked. Imagining just what he’d make her do, she slipped her hand down between her legs and trailed her fingers across her womanly folds. The thin fabric of her panties did nothing to prevent her touch from arousing her even more. Feeling the sheer material cling to her puffy pussy lips with her dampness, she fought with herself to pull them away from her heated sex. Bringing her fingers up to her lips, she licked them clean and sat back on her heels catching her breath. “I’ll keep waiting but luckily I don’t have to wait that long.”, she thought to herself with a smile as she heard a car pull up in the driveway.


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Behind Closed Doors

They seemed like such a normal couple. I’m sure you know the type. She volunteered for several charitable organizations and he worked as a defense attorney specializing in pro bono cases. It was safe to assume that no one would think that they had a darker, kinkier side but behind closed doors, she was usually down on her knees serving him like a dirty little slut and loving every minute of it.

Behind Closed Doors

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Not Tonight ~ A ROMP Preview


She brings her hand up to my mouth silencing me with just a motion and a reprimanding glance before her words resonate in my ear, “Not tonight…don’t push my limits tonight my pet or there may be consequences.” I gulp in a mixed state of excitement and fear as I arch my body back offering it to her. My body is hers to use and punish as she feels fit but the look on her face tells me that I better start behaving.

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