Lying on the floor, I beg for mercy. “Please, Mistress…”, I softly plea against the restraints of the ballgag as she hovers over me, enjoying the sense of helplessness she’s driven me to. I tremble slightly as she shifts her body and glances down at the flogger she’s tossed aside. I wrap one hand around the soft skin of her calf, the effect of her warm skin beneath mine starts to calm me. I repeat to myself that I know she’d never push me too far as I wait for her to make a movement. She leans forward and runs her fingers through my wavy hair lovingly before helping me up and unfastening the ballgag. Massaging my jawline tenderly with her fingers, she looks me in the eyes and says, “You did well tonight, my pet. But next time….”


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A Heavenly Body

The Supermoon was making another appearance, and as an astrology professor, Seth couldn’t resist getting out his telescope, setting it up on his bedroom balcony, and taking a closer look. As he was taking in the bright orb and marveling at the details, out of the corner of his eye he saw his neighbor’s lights go on.

She came up the stairs to her bedroom, which was composed almost completely of windows and brightly lit by the full moon. By the way she was dressed he guessed she’d been out on a date…by the look on her face, however, it hadn’t gone well. She glanced across and saw him, and gave him a wave. He smiled and waved back.

Maddie went back downstairs to make herself a drink. Her date had been a disaster, and she’d come home early. She didn’t know why she kept letting her friends set up her up with such losers when she had such a very eligible bachelor living just across the backyard.

It hadn’t always been that way…the first couple of years that they’d been neighbors either he or she had been dating other people, but every time they chatted she could sense some sexual tension between the two of them. Seth was about ten years older than she was, handsome, and incredibly intelligent, but he was also quite shy and a perfect gentleman.

A sly smile crossed her face…maybe she could give him something more interesting to watch than the full moon. Something that would help him get over that shy side, and bring out his more wolfish side.

Seth watched as she came back upstairs, unzipping her dress as she walked. Usually at this point the blinds would come down and he set himself up for the usual disappointment that occurred when that happened. But this time, it didn’t. She stepped out of her dress, and draped it over the banister. He watched as she took off her earrings and bracelets, and laid them down on her dressing table, then headed towards the bed clad only in her panties and bra.

Maddie sat on the end of the bed, and bent over as though she was going to take off her shoes, but she was actually using the opportunity to glance up through her lashes across the way, to see if he was watching, and was pleased to note that he was.


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I’ve been Captured!

She slowly stirs and wakes up with a chill running through her naked body making her shudder. Opening her eyes she could only see darkness. She reaches up and winces from pain as she gingerly touches her face and feel some kind of cloth covering her eyes, it’s then that she realizes she is blindfolded. Stretching and wincing again she hears a clink…clink…clink...of  what sounds like chains and finds that she is chained to something…what she doesn’t know. A fear growing inside her since waking up and discovering she’s been chained and blindfolded. It seems that pulling against the chains is no use and as she tries one more time, she gets a sharp pain that washes all over her body, she winces and cry out and find that her voice echoes off the walls of where ever she is.


She makes a realization that her body is sore all over the fear momentarily blocking it out. She gingerly stands up as she can and winces with each movement and she calls out “Help! Someone help me!” Listening and waiting but no one comes calling out again a little more strained and with a hint of urgency “Please! Someone help me!” Again waiting and listening but no one comes.

The fear growing once more and she struggle against the chains wanting desperately to be set free and see above all else. She starts to sob her tears run down her beautifully sculpted face, how long have I been here? When will I be let go? All sort of thoughts running through her head as she leans against the wall, the feeling of wood making her wince once more as her back seems to be sore like the rest of her body.

She still wonders how she landed in this situation not remembering anything from the past couple of days, weeks, or months. Have I been drugged? It seems to be the best logical answer and she tries to remember what happened and doesn’t come up with anything which makes her sob even more and pull against the chains once more to try and escape but yet again they don’t give away.



Calling out again even more scared than before “Please, anyone help me!” That’s when she heard something that sounded so glorious… it was footsteps. My rescuer perhaps? She thought. The footsteps growing louder and louder and with her vision impaired all her other senses are heightened and she could smell a subtle scent of a husky cologne and realized its a man…”Oh please thank you, can you help me out of these chain?” What she didn’t realize is that this was the man that kidnapped her…he laughs an evil laugh and a chill runs down her bruised back.

“I surely wont let you go, you’re mine forever.” With that he places a finger under her chin to lift it up and she pulls her head away and snaps blindly at his finger. He growls and slaps her hard across the face she cries out in pain and he grabs her face roughly and says menacingly “Don’t ever do that again!” He lets go of her face and she’s left with a stinging pain where he roughly grabbed her.

She hears him pace back in forth in front of her, his footsteps echoing off the walls of where ever they are. Upon his fifth pace back he stops in front of her and places another finger on her face and this time she doesn’t try to chew it off….”If you’re a good girl I’ll take the blindfold off.” She tries and relax but is still scared out of her mind but puts on a fake face and she can’t see it but he smiles and removes the blindfold “Good girl.”



Finally being able to see takes in her surroundings and she sees that she’s in a kind of attic and she looks around and see all sorts of thing, on one side of her she can see an X with places for cuff for wrists and ankles…a little bit next to that she sees some…ugh torture devices is what the only thing she can think of, it’s mounted to a rack on the wall. In front of her she sees a chair and a cage and then finally she sees her capture and suddenly the pieces fall into place….

She remembered meeting him at a club and then he took her back to his place….this place. He made her a drink and he must’ve slipped something in it…”You d-drugged me?” He smiled and said menacingly “Why you are clever aren’t you? Yes I did and you tried to get away and I tackled you and beat you, then I brought you up here-” he gestured around the attic “-ripped your clothes off and chained you and had my way with you several times.”

That would explain the chill she got when she woke up…he went on “Then I beat you some more and left you here, I had company come and didn’t want you escaping.” She started to sob some more tears rolling down her cheeks and he comes to her and she pulls her head away, she didn’t want this sick jerk touching her.

“Oh come now baby, you enjoyed yourself every night you let me. Granted you were unconscious but you enjoyed yourself.” She scowled at him and couldn’t help wonder in what way would she have enjoyed him doing that to her.

“Let me go!” she asks pleadingly and he shakes his head “I can’t do that babe!” He came closer to her and tried to kiss her and she spat in his face…he wipes it off his face and looks angry “You shouldn’t have done that!” He goes over to the rack and takes off the whip and comes back over to her and runs the tip of it over her sore body, the leather on her sore skin making her wince.

In one quick motion she sees him draw his arm back and hits her belly, she cries out in pain and he does it again, and again, again, and one last time. Each time a little harder than the last. Fresh tears flowing from her face and she sinks to the floor crying and he kneels down “I’m sorry baby but you need to be punished for stuff like that.”

He gives her a few moments to recover and he takes something out of his pocket and she think it’s the key to her chains but its something else. It shiny in the light coming in from the window and she see it’s a condom package. He is going to have his way with her again, and sure enough he rolls it onto his cock and turns her on her back and pins her down to the floor. “Please don’t! Please let me go.”

He doesn’t reply and he positions himself to her hole and shoves it in and she screams in pain. “Please stop!” He doesn’t and continues to fuck her harder “Just relax baby and take it.” She kicks her feet beneath him her heels making noise on the wood floor of the attic…he continues to shove his cock into her “No, no, please stop!”

Her cries only spur him on and he continues to fuck her harder and harder while she struggle beneath his tight grip. He has a pleasurable look on his face as he continues to fuck her harder despite her struggling trying to free herself from him. Soon his gives one thrust and releases himself inside her “Oh god baby that felt good.”

She lays there in heap and cries some more and he smiles and pulls a key out of his pocket “You deserve to be out of these cuffs.”

“Here’s my chance!” She thinks and he uncuffs her from still on top of her and as soon as her wrists are free she pushes him as hard as she can off herself. He falls backwards and she stomps on his cock leaving him motionless grabbing his groin as her heel sinks into him and she runs to the attic door and thank her stars it’s unlock and she run with all her might despite the burning in her body from the beatings.

Before leaving the house she grabs something to cover her naked bruised body with and run as fast as she can to the police station to tell them what happened. She was shocked to learn that he has had her locked up for a weeks keeping her drugged before she regain consciousness. The police catches the guy and sitting at home she learns that he will be in jail for a long…long..time!


DISCLAIMER: I do NOT condone kidnapping, rape, and beating…this was actually hard for me to write and wasn’t sure I wanted to post it for fear of being judged but it’s out of my comfort zone and I wanted to give it a try…enjoy.