Body – Maitreya
Mesh Head – Catwa, Candy
Hands – Slink, Casual & Elegant
Hair – EnVogue, Gisselle
Eyes – Buzz, Moka
Skin – Insol, Tatyana
Lingerie – Apple May, Hannah

Photo taken @ The Chamber 

Taking My Time On My Ride

Oh, oh, I’m falling, so I’m taking my time on my ride
Oh, I’m falling, so I’m taking my time on my ride
Taking my time on my ride…

Taking My Time On My Ride

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Say My Name

He tugged my shirt up over my head, pressed me up against the pillar and wrapped his fingers around my neck locking me in place. Holding my hands out against the solid wood beam, I braced myself for what was to come. My head tilted up towards his, hungry for more of his touch as I felt his warm breath brush across my cheek. Sighing softly, I whispered one word, “Please.” as I felt his hardness pressing against the round curve of my ass and my arousal growing. “Say my name.”, he commanded. “Beg and tell me what you want me to do to you.”, he growled before his mouth came down on my earlobe nipping it lightly.

Say My Name.png

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The Wedding Night!

The wedding was over, it was everything that the both of us wanted as far as ceremonies go. Now it was time to spend our first night together as man and wife, we had only just arrived at our tropical location. Dustan had surprised me and scooped me up in his arms to carry me over the threshold in my lovely wedding dress. I locked my eyes onto him as he carried me, my love he was everything I wanted and I was happy to be his wife.



He set me down on my feet and I smiled and kissed him and set my bouquet and veil down on the table. We looked around the honeymoon suite and it was lovely, like something out of an old fashion picture album. I walked towards the stairs that lead upstairs and to the bedroom, but not before turning around and looking at my love to say “You wait here I have a surprise for you.”


He was hooked and I liked that, I gave him a quick kiss and headed up the stairs. The bedroom was even more lovely as the rest of the house. The bed was four poster and had a canopy over it, I ran my hand over the sheer material and smiled I was so happy and tonight I’d be even more happier. True we were already married and we had renewed our vows but this was different, it was as if this was my first time all over again.


I started to get nervous and I paced back and forth in my dressed, Dustan could tell something was wrong as I was taking forever he called up “Is everything okay?” I tried my best to hide my nerves “Yes everything is fine.” I don’t know if he believed me or not but I continued to pace.
Finally after I was calm enough I unzipped my dress and let it lay over a chair that was at a desk so it would not wrinkle. We hadn’t brought our luggage in as of yet so my surprise would have to wait. As I stood there in my ceremony undergarments I tried to think of a way to surprise him with the way I was standing and stood against one of the four poster. I called to Dustan “You can come up.”  He walked up the stairs and into the room and looked me over and smiled “Well I hope you surprise me like this all the time.” I giggled and he walked towards me, I started to tremble with nerves again and he took me by my hand and I stood in front of him he kissed me and I kissed him back.


Our kissing became more fierce and harder, his lips left mine to kiss my neck where he gave it a soft bite. I moaned and that made him smile and bite my neck again, I smiled and soon I found my feet leave the ground once more. He carried me over to the bed and layed me down, he helped me out of my corset and slowly moved his hand up my leg to my thigh and unhook my garter straps. He slid my white panties off and threw those to the side. His lips never leaving mine the whole time. I helped him out of his tux and continued to kiss our bodies always fit so well together.


His lips left mine again and traveled to my neck once more. I moaned again and his mouth continued to explore my body, his mouth soon found my breasts and he swirled his tongue around my nipple. A shudder coursed through my body despite the tropical heat, he playfully bit my nipple which made me moan again. This made him smile and continued to play with my breasts. His free hand that was not busy with pleasing my breasts traveled down to my clit and started to rub it slowly in circles. I closed my eyes and moaned again and this made him rub it a little faster, he was making me so aroused I wanted him inside me. He was taking it slow which upset me but spurred him on. He continued to lick, suck, and bite my breasts, until I could not take it anymore and said “Please Dustan!” That one breathless confession was all he needed.


He position his rock hard shaft over my and slid it in easily, I moaned and wrapped my legs around him. He grabbed my thighs to help him thrust deeper inside me, I ran my fingers through his hair and tugged at the bit at the nap of his neck. He groaned and started kissing me again as he continued to thrust harder inside me. I put my head back and moaned louder which made him thrust faster inside me.
He leaned forward to bit my neck once more and I grabbed the hair at the nap of his neck again. He kept thrusting deeper and faster. I wanted to try something and I unwrapped my legs from around his waist and I planted my feet on the bed and moved my hips up off the bed. My back lifted from the bed and I achieve what I wanted to do. He figured it out and he was able to get deeper inside me, I moaned again and he thrusted one last time and he cummed inside me as I cummed all over him. firstnight3_001

I layed back down on the bed and him on top of me. We tried to catch our breaths and we kissed each other once more. “I love you my wife.” I smiled and returned his love “I love you my husband.” We cuddled once his took his shaft out and I slept in his arms.

((Me and Dustan really did renew our sl wedding vows this past weekend on our 4 year anniversary May 6th. Everything we’re wearing is what we wore for the ceremony. We had a great time and we took so many pictures at our honeymoon location that I wanted to use some of them for a post.))


It was a long, hard day and she needed nothing more than to soak her sore muscles in a steaming hot bubble bath. As she sunk her tired and worn body into the warm water, a soft moan of contentment escaped her lips. Leaning back, she closed her eyes letting the silky bubbles caress her bare skin. The soft, gentle lap of the water brushing over the sensitive nubs of her creamy breasts caused them to peak in arousal. Pressing her thighs together, a jolt of pleasure coursed throughout her body. Slipping her hand down under the water, she brought her fingers to her slit and ran them up and down her length with a low groan. Feeling her juices begin to flow, she slowly sank one then two fingers into her tight hole. Pumping them in and out of tight cunt, she arched back against the cool porcelain and surrendered to the passion inside her. She let out a sharp cry as she felt her body shudder in orgasm and her pussy walls clamp down on her fingers. Opening her eyes, she leaned forward reaching for the loofah and tried to catch her breath while thinking to herself, “Well, that certainly helped me relax!”


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