A Day at The Bay

Strawberry SwirlClick here for my newest ~ Video ~ NaughtyMachinima / Vimeo (HD)

 starring the beautiful strawberry flavored Lelu Anatine & myself.

at one of my favorite locations ever, you may have guessed it -The Bay-

Animated furniture and props used in this video by one of my very favorite adult shops in SL, Dutchie.

This new set coming this weekend!

Underneath It All

There’s times where I want something more
Someone more like me
There’s times when this dress rehearsal
Seems incomplete
But, you see the colors in me like no one else
And behind your dark glasses you’re
You’re something else


You’re really lovely
Underneath it all
You want to love me
Underneath it all
I’m really lucky
Underneath it all
You’re really lovely…

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Extra Credit

She clutched the official notice in her hand. “Please report to the Dean’s Office as soon as possible.”, it said. Knowing all too well what the note meant, she pressed her thighs together in anticipation. Quickly she ran a brush through her wavy tresses and smoothed down her dress before heading across campus and knocking on the door. “Come in.”, she heard him beckon and she entered the room making sure to keep her eyes focused on the floor. “Ahh, Miss Faith, it seems like your GPA has slipped again. Last time you were here we came to an agreement that suited us both well. Do you remember what that arrangement was?”, he asked sternly as he reached into his desk drawer and pulled out the wooden paddle. She gave a small nod as her thoughts clouded with memories of their last visit and felt her juices start to flow knowing all too soon of what was to come. “Well then, if you remember then why are your clothes still on?”, he asked with a sarcastic chuckle.

Walking over to her, he grasped the hem of her sundress and pulled it up over her head before reaching down and ripping her panties off of her. “I think I’ll keep these as a souvenir!”, he said with a grin as he pocketed her lace panties. Guiding her back to the desk, he quickly spun her around and bent her over before grabbing the paddle in his hand and raising it high in the air. “I want you to count for me as I spank your ass red, my little slut.”, he growled in her ear before bringing it down on her soft ass again and again. After he was done, he stepped back and admired his handiwork, the imprint of the little heart an angry red against her pale skin. Giving a pleased smile, he sat back down at his desk and gave her a few minutes to collect herself. “Come here.”, he commanded as he pulled her on top of his lap and lovingly caressed her soft skin, “From now on, you’ll remember to keep those grades up or else there will be more extra credit!”, he stated as he looked her in her eyes. “Yes, Sir.”, she replied completely knowing she’d purposely let her grades slip again.

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For All The Things My Hands Have Held The Best By Far Is You

For all the things my hands have held
The best by far is you

If I could fly
Then I would know
What life looks like from up above and down below
I’d keep you safe
I’d keep you dry
Don’t be afraid Cecilia
I’m the satellite
And you’re the sky


And you’re the sky

I’m the satellite
And you’re the sky

And you’re the sky….

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