Hey gurl whats up?


So I’m texting my homegurl Kismet, “Hey baby whats up” She’s like “Oh nothing, I’m just getting ready for the new Romp event thats coming up.” I’m like “Oh coolies I can’t wait for that it’s October 2nd right?” She’s like “Yup, so what are you up to?” and I’m like “You’ll never guess who’s dick is in me right now.”

Unfortunately for me she always knows who’s dick is in me, she’s my dick library.

Pose : exe.cute Sexting @ Romp
Bed & Dresser Thingy : Dutchie @ Romp
Male Body : The Mesh Project
My Body : Maitreya
Phone : Myphone from Muschi


On Your Knees ~ A ROMP Teaser

“I want you in the little black number I laid out on the bed with my favorite boots on your feet. Blindfold yourself and wait for me by the bed at exactly 9PM. If you aren’t ready when I arrive, you will be punished but if you follow my directions, you will be rewarded to my liking.”, the text read.

Her body quivered in anticipation as she hurriedly set to accomplish the tasks he demanded by the deadline he had given. Knowing full well what kind of delights he could provide her, she tied the cloth around her eyes and knelt to the hard floor. Pressing her thighs together, a jolt of pleasure coursed throughout her body and her breathing increased in excitement as she heard the lock to the door click open.


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