“You look so beautiful right now,” he murmurs in my ear as he brushes my hair over my shoulder so he can admire his handiwork. “Your ass must be so sensitive, and I can smell your wetness.” He caresses my sore flesh, making me shiver in mixed discomfort and delight, but I remain still and silent. He lightly taps me with our favorite riding crop, and somehow I know that he means for me to hold it. I obediently do, and he drops a gentle kiss on my bare shoulder. “You’ve been so good today, little one. I’m not through with you, though.” He pinches my nipple gently as he speaks right into my ear. “I still mean to fuck you until you can hardly move or remember your name. I am going to go take care of a couple of things. Stay put, and remember, I will know if you move from this spot.” With that, he tenderly kisses me then leaves the room.

And so I wait.

AftermathAuthor’s Note: If you want to know about anything I wore or used for decor, please feel free to IM me. 🙂

Kisses Down Low ~ ROMP Goodies

Baby get a little rough that’s okay
Baby go ahead do your thing, ride away
And I love it when we misbehave
Me and you together babe, we can do everything
If someone could see the way you kiss on me
Oh they wont believe it, cause even I don’t believe it but I love the way I’m feeling

So just take your time, send chills down my spine
You’re one of a kind, that’s why I gotta make you mine


You turn me on, got me feeling hot
Now I’m really goin’

I like, I like, I like my kisses down low
Makes me arch my back
When you gave it to me slow
Baby just like that…

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