Not Tonight ~ A ROMP Preview


She brings her hand up to my mouth silencing me with just a motion and a reprimanding glance before her words resonate in my ear, “Not tonight…don’t push my limits tonight my pet or there may be consequences.” I gulp in a mixed state of excitement and fear as I arch my body back offering it to her. My body is hers to use and punish as she feels fit but the look on her face tells me that I better start behaving.

To see what I’m wearing and decor credits, keep reading!

On Me:
Hair: Tableau Vivant (M4ri1yn Magic) Rasayana Hair in Basics
Skin: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) Coral in Jamaica Chic
Pose: an lar [poses] (Katya Valeska) And Tonight (ROMP)
Cuffs: Part of the Roawenwood Chair Props (ROMP)

{RW} (Roawenwood Resident) Sleek Bondage & Training Chair (ROMP)
*AF* (Artizanmesh Resident) Captive Cage in Weathered
oyasumi (Kenzo Gateaux) Kinky Cross
ANE (Anemysk Karu) Face Cage in Black (ROMP)
*AF* (Artizanmesh Resident) Captive Flogger in Weathered


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