Naked, Wet, & Wanting


“Take off your dress.”, he commanded. “Now the panties and the bra….” Of course, I had to listen to him. I mean, what other option did I really have? As I stepped out of my clothing and left it in a pool on my bedroom floor, he pulled me close to him and ran his hand down over my soft curves. “Good girl.” , he said with a slight smirk. Feeling his fingers pressing against my sex as his mouth nipped away at the delicate curve of my neck., he whispered authoritatively in my ear, “Naked, wet, and wanting…that’s how I always want you to be when I’m around.”

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Not Tonight ~ A ROMP Preview


She brings her hand up to my mouth silencing me with just a motion and a reprimanding glance before her words resonate in my ear, “Not tonight…don’t push my limits tonight my pet or there may be consequences.” I gulp in a mixed state of excitement and fear as I arch my body back offering it to her. My body is hers to use and punish as she feels fit but the look on her face tells me that I better start behaving.

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