I love the way you look at me
I love the way you smack my ass
I love the dirty things you do
I have control of you

I need to feel you, you need to feel me
I can’t control you, you’re not the one for me, no


I can’t control you, you can’t control me
I need to feel you, so why’s there even you and me?

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Raqagon ñuha lēkia

Reminiscinin on our time of innocence

Do you ask him pretty please

Do you crawl on hands and knees

Like you used to do for me

Oh, you such a dirty girl

The world won’t let you be yourself

I won’t accept nothing else


Pose :

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Naked, Wet, & Wanting


“Take off your dress.”, he commanded. “Now the panties and the bra….” Of course, I had to listen to him. I mean, what other option did I really have? As I stepped out of my clothing and left it in a pool on my bedroom floor, he pulled me close to him and ran his hand down over my soft curves. “Good girl.” , he said with a slight smirk. Feeling his fingers pressing against my sex as his mouth nipped away at the delicate curve of my neck., he whispered authoritatively in my ear, “Naked, wet, and wanting…that’s how I always want you to be when I’m around.”

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I’m cuffed!


So I love being tattooed up and cuffed, it makes me so aroused being cuffed at least in world.

That’s what I decided to do here…

Oh the pose is by Sweet Sacrifice which is owned by one the Sl Boudoir’s very own SarahBear18 GossipGirl.

I love it and was looking for a pose that shows off the back which is what inspired this post in the first place.

If you want to know what else I am wearing then please feel free to IM me.