You Look Prettier On Your Knees

She zipped up her pouffy white party dress and slipped into her heels. Giving herself one final glance in mirror, she started towards the door to await their guests. It was the first time they were hosting a dinner at their new home and she wanted everything to be perfect. As she reached for the doorknob, it twisted open and in he walked. “Well, look at you in your pristine apparel. Don’t you look sweet and innocent?”, he said as he came closer running his fingers up and down her arm lazily. Seeing his intent written all over his face, she shook her head. “Don’t start.”, she murmured as he began pushing her slowly back towards the bed. “People will be here soon!” Smirking slightly, he pulled her close to him and brought his mouth to hers kissing her softly. “Well, then you better work fast.”, he whispered against her ear before giving her earlobe a playful nip. As her body responded to the sensation of his mouth on her delicate skin, she whimpered lowly and dropped to her knees knowing there was nothing she loved more than the feeling of him hard and throbbing inside her mouth.

Realizing she’d have to be quick, she didn’t even bother unfastening his belt and instead tugged down his zipper, reaching inside his tight jeans and freeing his already hardening cock. Darting her tongue out and letting it graze against the tip of his shaft, she smiled up at him before parting her lips and sliding his throbbing tool into her hot little mouth. Bobbing her head faster and faster up and down his length, she let her tongue massage his shaft as her dainty hand followed the path of her lips, jerking his tool as she felt his hips rise off the bed in arousal. He brought his hand down on her shoulders spurring her on and she smiled around his cock knowing he was loving the pleasureable sensations her mouth was bringing to him. “There’s nothing I like more than seeing you down on your knees being a dirty little whore when you are dressed so prettily. I’m going to enjoy watching you greet our guests in just a few minutes as they stand there oblivious to where your mouth has just been.”, he growled through clenched teeth as he felt his cum filled balls tighten wanting release. Feeling herself gag slightly as she took him deeper and deeper down her throat, she gave a low moan, her arousal heightening from the illicit act she was performing. Grasping his hips, she moved her mouth faster up and down his length, feeling him swelling inside of her and she hummed around his tool knowing his release was soon. He bucked his hips off the bed with a low grunt, matching her movements as his cock shuddered inside her teasing hole. Tasting his hot cream as it sprayed the back of her throat, she swallowed hard, her throat milking him for the last few droplets of his cum before sitting back on her legs and wiping her mouth. Standing up, she smoothed down her dress and headed for the door, feeling a cool breeze caress her now wet panties. “You’ll be taking care of me later.”, she stated teasingly with a smile as the doorbell rang announcing their guests arrival.

Open Wide.png

To see what I’m wearing, keep reading and stay tuned to Confessions of a Second Life Shopaholic for decor credits later!

Style Card

Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks) Etienne in Light Browns (Indie Teepee)

Dress: Moon Amore (Psyqueen Resident) Memories Dress in Rubber Duck (Collabor88)

Heels: The Secret Store (Maylee Oh) Boudoir Slippers in Milk


Pose is one of the animations in this newly released bed by Dutchie!

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