Violent pornography

Violent pornography - Pho Vinternatt & Storm Vinternatt

First post on this blog. We went all in a bit. No story today though, sorry about that.

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Sweet Vino

“I think you’ve had enough.”, he said sternly as he snatched the half filled bottle from my hands. Wobbling slightly unsteady, I tried again for the sweet vino as he held it just out of reach. Pouting up at him, I murmured softly, “But I was having a good time….” He arched an eyebrow at me and gave me a condescending smirk, “Were you though?”, he said as he placed the bottle behind me on the wooden table. “I think so.”, I replied hesitantly as he stepped nearer to me, closing the distance between us.


Giving a shake of the head, he quickly tugged my dress up over my head and tossed it aside before picking me up and placing me on the table. “You think I didn’t notice you forgot a very important article of clothing tonight?”, he growled as he nipped at the sensitive curve of my neck and ran his hands up over my bare mound. “Besides, I want you fully alert when I do this…”, he said as he dropped to his knees and spread my legs apart. I gave out a sharp cry as his tongue skimmed over my warm slit and leaned back on the table allowing him further access to my most intimate places. Grasping my creamy thigh with one hand, he held me in place as his mouth ravenously lapped away at my juices and his fingers teased my clit. Continue reading

I Couldn’t Wait… {Part 1}

You’ve been teasing me all day, sending me pictures of your hard cock along with texts of what you would like to do to me tonight. It’s the first night off that you and I have both had in two weeks, and we are both in serious need of some stress relief. I got myself all ready for you, taking a long, hot shower, then shaving everywhere that needed it and rubbing my body down with your favorite lotion. It smells of jasmine and green tea with a hint of aloe, and it makes my skin feel silky smooth like my new robe. I smile to myself as I run my fingertips along the fabric and slip into my favorite shoes. I know how much you love fucking me when I’m wearing nothing but heels and my glasses, although I know you won’t have any trouble wanting to get your hands on me tonight. The wine is chilling, I have freshly cut strawberries, and I know you’ll be home in less than half an hour. I loosely braid my hair, and just as I am tying it, my phone buzzes with a text from you.

“Hey, babygirl. I’m going to be a couple of hours late. I’m sorry.”

I groan in frustration and flop down dramatically on the sofa, resisting the urge to kick the walls. I rest my hands on my stomach and absentmindedly move my fingertips a little lower until they are resting on my inner thigh. I pick up my phone and scroll through the texts you’ve sent me, and I feel a familiar tingling spreading through my body. I bite my lip as my fingertips trail towards my pussy, and it is only then that I realize where my fingers are. I freeze and my heart starts beating faster. I know that you don’t like me touching myself when you can’t watch, but I’m so turned on that I don’t think I can stand it.


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Spin Cycle

The sun sets and with the light of day goes the heat. I wander into the laundry room to catch up on some of the work I put off because of the humidity today. Clad only in my white panties, I recall a conversation I had with one of my friends long ago. My friend stated that the vibrations from the spin cycle were enough to make her orgasm. As my mind runs with the fantasy of straddling this very machine, my fingers drift up over my creamy breasts. Feeling a small jolt of pleasure course throughout my body, I press my thighs together and give my nipple a rough pinch. A throaty gasp escapes my throat as I decide I need to try out this little experiment.

Spin Cycle

I quickly place my load of clothing into the machine and turn it on. Boosting myself up, I kneel on top of the machine and press my cotton clad pussy against the cold metal. While teasing my nipples pebble hard, I slowly grind against the hard appliance. My eyes close as a wicked fantasy fills my head, the movements of the machine causing my panties to dampen and I begin to move my hips faster to the sensation as my cries get louder. All of a sudden, I hear a throat clear and I open my eyes. He stands before me in only his boxer briefs with a wiry grin on his face before his rough hands move over my soft skin. Threading his fingers through my hair, he pulls my mouth towards his in a passionate kiss. “Need a little help?”, he asks before adjusting the machine’s settings and starting the cycle over.

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