Mad Sounds

The day was spent working too hard, both of us exhausted and needing a rest. Relaxing for hours, we lazily watched television in shorts and t-shirts, and drinking wine to ease away the stresses of the day.

After polishing off a bottle and a couple of thrilling episodes of our favourite show, we head up to get ready for bed, but before retiring for the night, I get a second wind. Heading back downstairs in my boxers,  I pour another glass of wine and sit down at the piano. where I pluck away at the keys. I try playing a new song, quietly singing, and you soon come down to watch.

Mad Sounds

 Love buckles under the strain of those wild nights
Run but you cannot hide
Mad sounds in your ears, they make you get up and dance
They make you get up
All night long they reappear
They make you get up and dance
Yeah they make you get up

My attention is completely focused, fingers dancing on the piano keys, until you lean against the piano, listening to my playing. I look up from the ivories, and admire you standing in front of me, nearly naked.

“This might sound cliched, or, even worse, cheesy”, you say through a sly grin, “but you know you could be making beautiful music upstairs with me.”

Abandoning the keyboard, my fingers sliding across your thigh like you are the piano. “Why bother wasting time going upstairs?” I ask with a smile, as I hook my fingers in that lonely piece of lingerie. Ripping them off, then pushing you down onto the piano keys, my lips and tongue move between your thighs, and the beautiful music begins.

Pose – Let’s Make Sweet Music by Rack Poses.

His Hair > Exile – Better Days
His Skin > Birth – Reese Light (with Appliers)