Up in flames we go, you fire breather…

Town crier, village flyer got a skull & crossbones on his chest
And I can’t resist when he looks like this, ahh
All his other girls face on magazines
Big blue eyes, oh I don’t know what it means, no
What does he want from me? Ahh

naughtywip 3_001

We’re hanging in the bars
Runnin’ after cars to get home
Wishin’ on the stars, wonderin’ what you are
I just don’t know, he’s beautiful
Maybe he shines a little more than me

naughtywip 2_001

No, it’s too much, burn my sun
Up in flames we go, you fire breather
Ash & dust on my door, smoke rises
Trying to survive inside your heart
Fire breather,
Breathin’ fire into
Fire breather,
Tryin’ to survive inside your heart..

naughtywip 1_001

Author’s Note: If you want to know what I have on, feel free to IM me inworld. And, these poses are just a sneak peek of what’s to come from Sweet Sacrifice. Stay tuned. 😉

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