The Doctor Will See You Now!



“The doctor will see you now.” I said with my clipboard to a hot looking guy that was here for a check-up. I lead him through the double doors and down the hallway, all the while feeling his eyes on my lovely heart shaped behind. This made me smile and most devilish smile, when we got to the door I stepped aside and smiled at him “Here we are, and the doctor will be in shortly.” He smiled and I saw his eyes briefly go to my rising chest and then back to my amber eyes. “Thank you.” He said and entered the brick room and sat down on the bed.


I nodded back at him and left him be for a few minutes. After awhile I entered the room with a cart that had syringes and little cups filled with pills. I took his vitals and still could feel his eyes on me and I smiled at him “Do I distract you?” I asked and he simply nodded, I checked his heart rate and it was off the charts she figured it was because of her.


Smiling again at him she sighed “Sir, you must calm down or you’ll have a heart attack.” He stood up and looked me in my eyes and said “I’ve just never seen someone as beautiful as you.” I blushed “Thank you.” Then he grabbed me and kissed me hard, this made me blush even more and I pushed him onto the bed and climbed on top of him and threw his shirt off and started kissing him some more. Kissing the length of his jaw and to his neck and back to his lips, I could feel the bulge in his pants start to grow and hearing him groan only spurred me on more.


After the little make-out session I grabbed one of the pills and shoved it down his throat. “What was that?” He asked me and I simply smiled and put a delicately manicured finger to my red lips and made a ‘shhhh!’ noise. Though he soon found out what that pills was for and instantly his bulge began to grow some more. I unzipped his jeans and pulled his boxers down, his long cock shooting straight up. I look at the dick as if it was the first time seeing one taking in the length, size, and width. “Please suck me off!” He begged and I place a hand on his face “Patience is a virtue.” He did not like this though I did begin to stroke him and that shut him up, he put his head back and began to groan again. His sounds arousing me with every stroke, stroking him harder and harder.


I suddenly stop stroking him and he sat up and gave me a hurt puppy dog look as to why I stopped. I smiled devilishly at him and lifted the bottom of my dress up a bit and pushed him back down strapping his wrists to the bed. He got a little scared and I could see it in his eyes but soon he warmed up to it and then I strapped his ankles to the bed. Straddling him I slide his nice hard cock slowly into my wet hole. He grips his restraints and I start to move up and down him harder and harder. He groans and I moan louder, he bucks his hips inside me and I lean down and bit his chest hard drawing blood from him. He screams in pain and I lick my lips and leans down on him again and bites his neck drawing blood. He screams once more as I continued to hump him harder.


Sitting upright and running my nails down his chest scratching him which leaves little bloody trails and him screaming some more. I briefly hear him say “Stop hurting me you fucking whore!” Which spurred me on to hurt him even more, humping him and cumming all over his cock I pull out a knife and shove it right through his heart killing him. I climb down off his dead body and says “The doctor will be in shortly.” She walks down the hallway and a gust of wind goes by and she disappears into it waiting for her next victim.

((If you want to know what I’m wearing just im me, or and everything in the background is from the MadPea hunt Peatonville, it’s the silver and gold prizes and you have until the end of this month to do it. Also incase you didn’t catch on she’s a ghost.))

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