My Girlfriend Has a Girlfriend Now

He’d been bugging her for weeks. “Let’s have a threesome, baby, it’ll be fun! You, me and one of your friends, how about it?”

She’d been reluctant, and curious at the same time. She also wondered how he’d feel about the third person being a guy.

“NO, no way,” he said. “That’s different!”  But no matter how much she tried to get him to explain why, he had no answer, and he wouldn’t consider a male in the threesome for her. She couldn’t accept his lack of explanation. so If he was going to be unfair, she decided to teach him a lesson.

She spoke to a friend who had always teased about being interested in playing together, and they hatched a plan. They told him the threesome was on, and told him to meet them. He arrived, and he was given a blindfold. In his excitement, he mistook the mischievous look in their eyes as excitement that he was there, and he willingly tied the blindfold over his eyes.

The women removed his shirt, and then pushed him back against the wall, teasing him with neck kisses, moving their hands down his belly. When he tried to do anything with his hands, they pushed his arms against the wall. Suddenly, he felt cuffs snapping around each wrist simultaneously.

Locked against the wall, blindfolded, he was powerless to do anything but listen. They stood right in front of him, and he heard the sound of their wet lips as they kissed. He could hear them break apart, and felt his pants being tugged down. His bulge strained against his tight jockeys, but they left him confined to those. They pulled the blindfold off, and he began to struggle against the chains binding him the the wall, but it was of no use. He had just enough chain to let him move a little, or sit on the hard floor. He chose to sit, and wait for his turn to join the fun.

But the words he heard next dashed any hope. “We decided we didn’t need you, hun. You’re lucky that we’re going to let you watch, although I can’t imagine it will be comfortable in those tight little shorts that you’re wearing.”

He groaned as they started to play.

My Girlfriend Has A Girlfriend Now//

Womens Pose > Rack Poses – Desire

His Pose > from Dutchie Femdom Wall Rings

2 responses to “My Girlfriend Has a Girlfriend Now

  1. Hahah The story! It makes us look so devilish! Yet, there is something you have forgotten to mention in your story: it’s that you enjoyed the show more than you want to admit! Heheh. Can we go fifty fifty on Kae now? No hard feelings I hope!

    Ty for making me do it, it was fun and it turned out just great!

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