The Interview

Author’s Note: I try to come up with fresh ideas for this blog and I came upon the idea to post a RP scene that me and my favorite guy in all of SL actually did with this furniture. I warned him ahead of time that I’d be publishing it in public and thankfully, he was ok with this as long as I withheld his name. 😀 I apologize ahead of time for the poor flow or the rawness of this blog post but I felt it was something unique I could do to keep our readers entertained.

The Executive: “So Ms. Faith, what motivated you to apply for a position at such a prestigious company such as ours?”

кisмεт Fαiʇн: “Well Sir, I believe that prestige and class are driving forces in today’s economy and a company such as this is inspirational to say the least. I feel that working for this company would encourage me to be the most hardworking assistant there is and gain me the chance to learn from some of the most powerful faces in this industry.”

The Executive: “Very good. What qualities do you consider the most important in a Secretarial or Administrative Professional position?”

кisмεт Fαiʇн: “A strong work ethic would be number one. I believe that a good administrative professional is one who would go above and beyond the requirements of her job to make sure that her higher ups are completely satisfied with her tasks. I also believe that flexibility and the ability to follow orders to their fullest are other qualities a good employee shows.”

The Executive: “Well, we certainly appreciate work ethic such as that. For this specific position, you will most certainly be required to go above and beyond the normal duties of a Administrative Professional position, but of course you will be fairly compensated. Tell me about a time you have went above and beyond your normal duties.”

кisмεт Fαiʇн shifts back against the oddly shaped seat and crosses her legs, letting her skirt ride high on her thighs exposing her lacy stockings and brings her hand up to the button of her blouse. “Well Sir, there have been many times that I’ve gone above and beyond my duties as you can imagine.”, she says as she bites down sexily on her lower lip and locks eyes with him, “One in particular that comes to mind is when my former employer was on a deadline and had me stay after hours when I previously had plans. I made sure that all his needs were taken care of if you get my drift…”

The Executive shifts in his seat, fingers crossed over his chest, a smirk on the corner of his lips as his eyes roam along her stocking clad legs. “Well, this is a very important position, Ms. Faith. It’s detrimental that you are completely dedicated and willing to give your all to the company. You will most likely need to stay after hours here as well. As to your services, please show me what you have to offer.”

кisмεт Fαiʇн notices his eyes follow the curve of her thigh and takes that as a sign of encouragement to part her legs briefly showing her that she forgot panties for this job interview. Fanning herself lightly, she brings her finger down to the top button of her blouse and slowly unfastens it. “Sorry, it’s starting to get a little hot in here.”, she says with a smile before standing up and smoothing down her skirt. Walking over to his desk, she leans forward and place her hands on the untidy pile of papers littering his space, her angle allowing him just a glimpse at the swell of her creamy breasts. “With me by your side, you will never have to worry about misplacing things. I believe in keeping things nice and tidy.”

The Executive nods approvingly with a smile on his lips.”It pleases me to hear that, Ms. Faith.”, his gaze shifting to her unbuttoned blouse, catching a full view of her luscious cleavage as he leans forward in his chair.”Everything I have heard from you so far is exactly what we are looking for in a candidate. Although, since the position is such an imperative one, I would like to test your willingness to comply with your duties.”, he states with a small grin forming on the corner of his lips.

Work Bitch

кisмεт Fαiʇн slips around to the space between his chair and the desk and stands in between his legs, leaning back against the hard wood of the office furniture. Meeting his eyes with a matching grin, she murmurs seductively, “What do you have in mind?”

The Executive stares at her, still leaning forward in the chair, as his eyes roam over her figure and feast on her delicious curves, his hand lifting to drag the back of his fingers down her arm, trailing downward as his fingers slip down along her hips and skirt before leaning back with a narrow gaze.”To reiterate, are you are willing to do anything for this position, Ms. Faith?”

кisмεт Fαiʇн closes her eyes and enjoys the feeling of his fingers grazing over her curves before sliding her hand around to the zipper of her skirt and tugging it down, letting it fall to the floor in a pool exposing her bare pussy to his amused eyes. Stepping closer to him, she straddles his lap and wrap her arms around his neck, pulling his mouth down close to hers. “Absolutely anything, Sir.”

The Executive eyes her bare slit, an approving smile on his lips as he nods. Sliding her off of his lap and standing up from his chair, he walks to the side of the desk, loosening his tie before turning to face her.”Come here.” he commands her, his finger pointing down at the floor before him.

кisмεт Fαiʇн hesitates for just a brief moment, weighing how badly she wants this job before her experimental lusts wins over and sashays sexily over to the spot he points to. Dropping to her knees, she stares up at him with slight apprehension, her pussy moistening in anticipation of what is to come.

The Executive stares down at her, watching her carefully as she slips down before turning and walking very slowly around her in a circle, his eyes narrowing as they study every inch of her, analyzing every curve of her ass.  He lifts his hand to drag his fingers over her cheek, caressing her silky smooth skin before running his thumb over her lips, feeling the heat radiate from them.

кisмεт Fαiʇн tenses as she feels his eyes roam over her almost naked form, her juices slowly beginning to trickle from her bare cunt. She holds her breath awaiting his next move and gives a soft sigh as she feels his callused thumb glide against her soft lips. Parting them, she draws her thumb into her warm, waiting mouth and begins to suck slowly giving him a preview of her oral skills.

The Executive smiles as he pumps his thumb past her soft lips before withdrawing and tracing them one last time, his fingers trailing down her chin as they form over her neck curling around and taking a firm grasp. Bending her forward, he runs his free hand down her spine and over the curves of her bare ass before staring down at her. “Are you ready for your evaluation, Ms. Faith?”, he asks, the hand on her ass pulling back in preparation.

кisмεт Fαiʇн shifts in position, making herself comfortable on the leather carpet, her muscles tensing as his hand skims along the round curve of her ass and nods her head in assent. “Yes Sir, I’m ready for anything you have in mind.”, she murmurs as she awaits his next move.

Style Card

Hair: [e] (Elikapeka Tiramisu) Victoria in Redheads
Skin: Lara Hurley (Lara Hurley) Erin in Natural Midtone (Summerfest)
Top: Tee*fy (Azure Electricteeth) Milena Ruffle Blouse in Sky
Stockings: AviCandy (Ashton Tryce) Lace Back Seam Stockings in Licorice
Heels: (Darling Monday) Veronica Platforms in Black

Pose: oOo Studios (Olaenka Chesnokov) Spank Two (ROMP!)

Junk (Tab Tatham) Ivan Leather Rug
Kuro (Luana Dawg) Wavie Desk in Wood (ROMP!)
Kuro (Luana Dawg) Wavie Belted Chair in Worn (ROMP!)
Kuro (Luana Dawg) Wavie Desk Decor (ROMP!)
Kuro (Luana Dawg) Boy Lamp (ROMP!)
Kuro (Luana Dawg) Haller Chair (ROMP!)
Tres Blah (Julliette Westerberg) Hodgepodge Cup of Joe
Tres Blah (Julliette Westerberg) Hodgepodge Snail Mail
Haikei (qo0op Resident) Humid Dusty Cottage Gacha #5
O.M.E.N (Damascusvera Resident) Dear John Medals of Honor
O.M.E.N (Damascusvera Resident) Dear John Toy Plane
Apple Fall (Warehousefifteendesigns Resident) Barber Supply Cabinet RARE
Apple Fall (Warehousefifteendesigns Resident) Buffalo Taxidermy
Apt B (FadeArcade Resident) Rustic Now Detached Door
Apt B (FadeArcade Resident) The Industrial Side Old Cabinet
Apt B (FadeArcade Resident) The Industrial Side Rolling Container
Apt B (FadeArcade Resident) Rustic Now Loft RARE


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