The Blues


Once upon a time the lovely Rara Destiny linked me a video.

So I’m sitting there watching this video of this hot chick totally getting it, and this dude just leaves the condom on her ass. Then all of a sudden the condom rolls down her back into her hair. I’ve been traumatized ever since. I like to believe that Mr. DeCuir is the type of gentleman who would try to catch a condom before it falls into a lady’s hair.

It’s important to keep positive thoughts!

PS. Thank you beautiful people for posing for me. 

Pose : Infiniti (Romp Location)

Hook Thinga Majig : Artisan Fantasy (Romp Location)

More Details :

Condom Box : Sways

Skybox: Grime

Rara :

Skin : League

Hair : Boon

Mal :

Idk I’ll ask later!

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