Heavenly Body

Do you remember the first time I let you have me?

How, as confident and aggressive and able you were just minutes before, the moment you tasted
me you were converted into a man crazed, losing all control, unable to steady himself.

You said, “te hare mia”, that you would make me yours when in fact, I remained myself and
consumed you as mine. I allowed you to finish in record time as if you were a teenager of
14 rather than a man of 40. I knew you weren’t capable of handling me in or out of
bed. You weren’t, shall we say, well-equipped or endowed with the tools necessary. I knew
you wouldn’t last. Small parts… including a small heart.

Que poco hombre.

It’s not entirely your fault, however. You see, a heavenly body will do that to you. It
will command your thoughts and dominate your desires. You’ll still bear the essence of it
long after and no matter who you try to replace me with, you’ll still think of me each and every time
you fuck them.

Sal, busca, encuentra y prueba. Nadie te sabra igual.


Hair: Magika Written
Hairbase: Just Magnetized
Skin + Appliers: Egozy Anjali in Tan
Body: TheMeshProject
Ears: Egozy
Earrings: Bandit Princess Diamond Earrings
Body Chain: LUXE.
Nails: TheMeshProject
Hands: TheMeshProject
Shoes: Duncan Giano Vera in Silver
Feet: TheMeshProject 
Pose: oOo Studio Xaqueline (custom poses by Olaenka Chesnokov, holiday giveaway prize)

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