I can be your everything. {Part 2}

I love stripping down to nothing but my favorite silky stockings and a sexy pair of heels so I can dance privately during my down time. I do love sex, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes my pussy, ass, and mouth need a break! Dancing sensually for no one but myself is very relaxing and freeing.


I sometimes use a pair of feather fans from my closet of goodies in my dance. They feel so good gliding against my skin; almost like the warm caress of a delicate pair of hands on my most sensitive parts. I purposely tease them across my nipples and send a wave of cool air between my legs, making me gasp as my insatiable sex drive is once again awakened.


It isn’t long before I can no longer stand the touch of only a few strands of feathers. I need to feel a warm body moving against mine. I need to cum over and over. I need sex, and I need it now. I don’t care who it is. Will it be you?


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