A Heavenly Body

The Supermoon was making another appearance, and as an astrology professor, Seth couldn’t resist getting out his telescope, setting it up on his bedroom balcony, and taking a closer look. As he was taking in the bright orb and marveling at the details, out of the corner of his eye he saw his neighbor’s lights go on.

She came up the stairs to her bedroom, which was composed almost completely of windows and brightly lit by the full moon. By the way she was dressed he guessed she’d been out on a date…by the look on her face, however, it hadn’t gone well. She glanced across and saw him, and gave him a wave. He smiled and waved back.

Maddie went back downstairs to make herself a drink. Her date had been a disaster, and she’d come home early. She didn’t know why she kept letting her friends set up her up with such losers when she had such a very eligible bachelor living just across the backyard.

It hadn’t always been that way…the first couple of years that they’d been neighbors either he or she had been dating other people, but every time they chatted she could sense some sexual tension between the two of them. Seth was about ten years older than she was, handsome, and incredibly intelligent, but he was also quite shy and a perfect gentleman.

A sly smile crossed her face…maybe she could give him something more interesting to watch than the full moon. Something that would help him get over that shy side, and bring out his more wolfish side.

Seth watched as she came back upstairs, unzipping her dress as she walked. Usually at this point the blinds would come down and he set himself up for the usual disappointment that occurred when that happened. But this time, it didn’t. She stepped out of her dress, and draped it over the banister. He watched as she took off her earrings and bracelets, and laid them down on her dressing table, then headed towards the bed clad only in her panties and bra.

Maddie sat on the end of the bed, and bent over as though she was going to take off her shoes, but she was actually using the opportunity to glance up through her lashes across the way, to see if he was watching, and was pleased to note that he was.


He saw her sit up, and he backed into the shadows – embarrassed to be caught peering – but she didn’t even look his direction.  Instead, she unhooked her bra, and tossed it aside. Her breasts were full and round, and she cupped them with her hands, and pinched her nipples until they stood at attention. He saw her mouth open in a little gasp, and felt his cock start to stir in his pants.

She slid her hands down her torso, and spread her legs wide. She was still wearing those sexy shoes with the sparkling silver straps that caught the light from the moon. She bent over and ran her hands up her smooth legs, and her head fell back when she reached the juncture between her thighs, and her hips rocked slightly as she rubbed her sex through her panties.


Seth realized with a smile that she was putting on this show for him, and stepped back into the moonlight. He took the telescope and trained it on her, wanting to get a closer look. And he was just in time to see her stand and turn around, hook her thumbs in the waist of her panties, and shimmy her luscious hips as she worked them down her legs.

He laughed as she peeked back and gave him a little wink. She stood and faced him, and tossed the panties aside to join her bra on the floor. His laugh turned to a groan of desire as the cool light played off her curves, making her skin glow.

Maddie sat back down on the bed, then spun and lay down crosswise on it. Her legs bent as she moved her hands back down to her pussy, and he could see them moving, but couldn’t see exactly what they were doing. Whatever it was must have been good though, as her back arched and he could see the muscles of her abdomen flutter.

She turned over on her side, and raised a hand to her lips and glossed them with her juices while the other stroked her clit. She licked her lips, and Seth found himself mirroring her actions, wishing he was the one tasting her. She opened her eyes and held his gaze as she stroked herself.


“Come for me, Maddie…” he whispered as he watched. After a few minutes, her eyes glazed and her mouth opened slightly, and he swore that he heard her cry out as the spasms of her climax rocked her body.

She rolled onto her back and as her breathing calmed, one hand lazily circled her nipple while she sucked the wetness off of the fingers of the other.  After a few minutes, she sat up and looked over in his direction, fairly sure he was still watching.

She smiled and bit her lip enticingly as she crooked her finger at him, then pointed down at the bed. She mouthed the word “Now”, and without a second thought he grabbed his keys and headed over.

Pose 1: LAP – Belle (No longer available)
Poses 2 and 3: oOo Studio Poses – Kensey set
Shoes: fri.day – Gloria heels – Available at Collabor88 through October 6.
Hair: Magika – Written
Clothing: ALB – Pippa Lingerie (Old group gift)

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