Play Me.

He walked her up to her door, and she shyly asked if he’d like to come in for a drink. It was the end of their fourth date and it had been wonderful, as had the three before it. They had clicked from the beginning, and there was no denying the growing attraction between them.

He accepted enthusiastically, and she unlocked the door. She led him to the living room, and his eyes lit up, “You have a piano!”

She laughed, “Why yes, it came with the house,” he looked confused so she continued, “When I moved in, it was here. I asked the former owners about it, and they said it had been here when they moved in, and it seemed wrong somehow to take it with them, not to mention neither of them played. So I had it restored, and decided to keep it.”

“Do you play?”

“I…dabble. I played for years when I was a kid and I was proficient, but didn’t retain much. But I like to sit down and pick my way through a piece once in a while. Do you play?”

He grinned, “May I?”

“Of course! I just had it tuned a couple of months ago. I’ll be right back,” she headed to the kitchen to get them some wine, and was amazed to hear Mozart – played flawlessly – wafting through the house.

She walked into the living room, and after putting down the glasses of wine, looked at him with a stunned expression. When he finished the piece, she beamed and clapped her hands.

He blushed, “I attempted to make it as a concert pianist, but it never panned out. That’s why I’m now an accountant.”

“THAT wasn’t good enough? Are you kidding? You play beautifully!”

He took a sip of his wine and grinned, “Thank you, I’m glad you think so,” he put his glass down, and started playing a little more, this time some Gershwin, “This piano is beautiful. Whoever did the restoration did a great job.”

She ran her hand absently over the smooth finish, “For what I paid for it, I’m glad to hear you say so,” she looked down at him and saw him watching her hand move on the surface. He lifted his eyes to meet hers, and the air in the room became charged.

Play Me

She reached out her hand and stroked his cheek, “So tell me,” she whispered, “is there anything else you play as well as you do the piano?”

A sly smile curled the corners of his lips. He slowly slid his hands under her dress and up the curve of her hips, making her gasp, “Is this what you had in mind?” he asked, as he moved them around to cup her bottom.

She didn’t reply, but looked at him with smoldering eyes. He stood quickly, knocking over the bench and spilling the sheet music inside of it all over the wood floor, and ran his hands up her body as he caught her lips against his in a fiery kiss. She grabbed the lapels of his jacket, silently urging him to remove it, and he did so reluctantly, not wanting to let her go, and let it fall to the floor. As he kissed her once again, he unzipped her dress, and slid it off her shoulders to puddle at her feet, as she undid his tie, and worked at the buttons of his dress shirt.

With his nimble fingers he expertly unclasped her bra, and soon they were skin to skin. His lips moved from hers to nibble her earlobe, then trailed down her neck to her breasts, and he took one of her pert nipples between them, running his tongue around the hard nub until she arched against him, then he repeated those actions on the other until she gasped and squirmed in his firm grip.

Hungry to taste her, he went to his knees and pulled off her flimsy panties, and spread her nether lips with his fingers. As his tongue delved between her folds she let out a groan, which soon became a cry as he found her clit. She reached out her hand, looking to grasp something for purchase, but there was nothing to hold onto, and it fell bonelessly on the keyboard, jarring a discordant noise out of the sturdy instrument that sent vibrations through her body.

He alternated between flicking his tongue against her bud, and taking it between his lips to suck on it. He worked two fingers into her pussy, and she weaved her fingers through his hair as his arm wrapped around her to pull her even closer.

The sensations he was causing were soon too much for her take anymore, and she came with a sob, as shudders wracked her body.

He led her to the couch, and quickly removed the rest of his clothing, then laid alongside of her. His hands skimmed over her soft skin as she wrapped her long legs around him. He slid his cock along her wetness, teasing her as they kissed.

“Please,” she begged, “Oh, please Baby…I need to feel you inside me…”

He buried his face in her neck, and with a little growl he slid inside of her slowly. She bucked against him impatiently, and his growl turned to a rumble of laughter.

“Be patient,” he chided gently, “we have all night.”

She whimpered, and clenched tightly around him trying to find anything to spur him on, but he continued to tease, and stoke into her slowly.

Frustrated, she took his head in her hands and looked deep in his eyes, “Please Darling…less adagio, more accelerando.” They both laughed, and he finally did as she asked, and sped up the tempo of his thrusts.

“Is this better?” he murmured in her ear.

“Oh yes!” she cried. “Just like that.”

He stopped just long enough to sit up, and pull her on top of him. He groaned as she knelt across him and engulfed his length inside her, and reached up to take her breasts in his hands and mouth, before kissing her full lips.

She broke their kiss and sat up a little, and he admired the soft lines of her body, and how well they moved together. She undulated on top of him, this time being the one doing the teasing. It felt amazing, and he clenched his teeth to try and maintain control, but just couldn’t.

“I’m so close,” he groaned, “come with me…” He put his arms around her waist and pulled her tightly against him, holding her still as he abandoned all control, driving his cock into her with more force. She braced herself against the back of the couch and let him take her, her pleasure building with his.

She felt him expand inside her, and knew he was on the brink. She reached her hand down and stroked her clit, and after a couple of strokes she came with a cry, and her contractions around his cock finally drove him over the edge, and with one final thrust he moaned her name, and came deep inside of her.

They held each other tight as they caught their breath.

“So, how did I do?” he finally asked.

She laughed, and gave him a lusty kiss before replying, “Oh, Baby…you can play me anytime.”

Pose Credit: “Let’s Make Sweet Music” by Rack Poses.

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