Black Widow


He thought it was safe to come home with me, a small frail looking pale girl with the most twerkable ass. He was too drunk to drive home, I said, come to my place it’s close by. My glass still full, he didn’t question it, what I was doing there. He just wanted me. My apartment was on the top floor, down the long hall, so dingy and dirty you could tell over half the places in this building were vacant. He stumbled beside me, I held his hand gently as I led him to my door at the end of everything. As soon as I turned the key, the door swung open, he pushed me against it til we swung back into the wall behind, he kissed me hard but I kissed him harder. I pushed him back as I locked the door behind us. I sat right up on the counter and slid my skirt up slowly, he couldn’t wait he pressed right against me, his fingers desperate and fumbling trying to unhook my stockings. I leaned back, running my fingers through his hair with one hand, while the other hand slid across the kitchen counter gripping tightly around the handle of a knife. I pulled him by his hair, kissing him and stealing his eye contact, he hadn’t noticed my hands anyways. His hands were busy between my legs, sliding my panties to the side trying to please me. Before he knew it I sunk the knife deep into his chest, his blood pouring out all over my hands… and before I knew it he was just another mess to clean up. I pulled my blood stained shirt over my head, my skirt, dropped it ontop of him, washed my hands.

Details : 

Skin: Pink Fuel – Harley Crystal.

Bodyparts : Cuteazz + Slink Hands w/ PF appliers  ///

Bina Real Nipples (peircings included, appliers not)

Eyeliner : Epoque Essentials

League Freebie Fingernails


Panties/ Garter : Dirty Stories

Stockings : Utopiah

Hair : Lamb

Pose : Skin & Bones / Dot Chaffe / Seven Wonders New

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