The Alien Octomom Horror



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The Story:

A couple go on a holiday to a small middle of nowhere town, said to have been visited by aliens, of course it attracts a lot of weirdos, and a lot of tourists. Ziekel happens to be a pretty strange one, she enjoys scifi movies and the paranormal, seen too many conspiracy theories and believes them just enough to want to check this place out. She asks her boyfriend to come with her.

Ziekel awakes in her holiday home by the beach with her boyfriend missing, she looks up at the door seeing that it’s been left open, she jumps out of bed with slight worry, but playful curiosity wondering if there will be a surprise for her outside, but there’s nothing but the wind. She looks around the yard, there is so much distance between here and the nearest neighbors, and not a soul in sight. She wonders over down to the lakeside, shouting her lover’s name but hearing nothing but echos of herself and the splash of the nearby waterfall… and this … strange rattling noise behind her.

She turns around to see the top blown off the well, and a strange slimey tentacle wiggling in her direction. Before she knows it she’s upsidedown, her pajamas easily torn right off as the tentacle wraps tightly around her constricting her movements while another slides up between her legs. She panics clawing against this red tentacle coiled tightly around her, which only aggressively tightens it’s grip as the other monster slides into her roughly, fucking her deep. She screams loud, nothing responds but another echo, and hearing the pulse of the strange monster inside her. She feels it drive in deep then stop, followed by a feeling like she’s being split in half, she looks down trying to see whats happened only to see her belly expanded, cringing as she watches it wiggle beneath her skin. The creature starts to remove itself, loosening it’s grip, she takes advantage of her seemingly better situation, kicking hard the tentacle that had been holding her and watching it back away slightly.

Just before her feet touch the ground, however, she’s quickly wrapped up by another, as the red tentacle sneaks back up for it’s vengeance, sliding gently around her as she tenses up, preparing for the worst, but it just continues being gentle, rubbing against her clit until she actually gives up, leaning tired into the creature, moaning softly as she starts to enjoy it. Then when she’d finally surrendered, without warning the red tentacle shoved itself deep into her cunt, fucking her roughly and fast. She screams loud gripping her nails deep into the purple tentacle, causing it to wrap tighter and tighter around her neck. She kicks furiously trying to get lose, her thighs slipping against the red one as it continues fucking her without mercy, grabbing onto the purple one with both hands as her voice creaks trying to inhale. She surrenders, her vision blurring as she has no strength left to fight the creature, it rewards her by loosening it’s grip around her neck allowing her to live, for now. She breathes in heavily, crying as it continues to fuck her, she wraps her arms around it resting her head tired, gritting her teeth tightly as she prepares for more pain when she feels the familiar stop again, it fills her deeply with it’s eggs. The creature then releases her, tossing her to the side.

Laying on the cold wet grass she watches as the two tentacles slide back down the well, she sits up right holding onto her swollen belly as she screams for someone to help her but no one comes. She gets up slowly, limping over to the well, she grips onto the side tightly as she looks down seeing nothing but darkness.

Weeks go by and she remains in the home, the creature had not returned again, but no one in the local town would dare come out to help her find her boyfriend, and she refused to leave until finding him. While searching in the nearby lake the creatures inside her had decided to leave, she was happy about it, but somehow loneliness drove her to reach out and try to keep a few, collecting them into her hands she was able to take them back into the house, keeping them in a fishbowl. They looked like tiny little sea creatures. Actually pretty adorable, she wondered if they were the aliens people talked about. She wondered what would happen to the dozens of others that got away from her in the lake, but decided it’s better this way… maybe people will start believing in these alien conspiracies when they see them in person. She smiled.



About:  A delightful little short story inspired by my weeaboo days, and a few good friends poking fun at me while I was making my appliers. It’s in comic form, which I thought would match well with the tentacle sci-fi theme and my lack of writing good. Didn’t expect my first story to be so strange but I like it, I’m looking to cross some lines I guess. If you would like to know where anything used, or being worn in this set, please contact me.


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