Welcome Home!

“Honey I’m home!” he says as he walks into the house. I look up from the bed hearing the door closed and look down at myself and wondered when I had taken my clothes off except for my garter, corset, stockings and shoes. “Honey are you home?” I hear him say with a hint of panic and I quickly get up and greet him downstairs by the door. He takes in my appearance and raises an eyebrow…”What have you been doing all day?” I blush and quickly look away and responded quietly “N-nothing!”


He wasn’t fooled as always and he grabs me by the wrist and pins me against the door and gives me a sniff…he could smell the scent of my perfume mixed with sweat and I turn my face away from him so I wouldn’t have to look into his face.


“Now tell me again what you were doing all day?” His voice had such a powerful commanding tone to it I couldn’t resist but say “I-I was playing with my vibrator.” I was ashamed and he just smiled and shook his head…I thought he was going to be upset with me but I soon found his lips on mine kissing me with such passion…confused but getting slightly aroused I responded and kissed him harshly back.


We stood there kissing like this for a few moments until his kisses went down to my neck and one of his hands caressing my naked chest squeezing and pinching my hard nipples. A moan escapes my lips and that spurred him on and soon I could feel his buldge grow beneath the fabric of his pants.



He stopped kissing me and looked down and then back at me “Look what you did!” I look down and back up at him “I’m sorry sir!” I responded with the phrase he lets me use. “Well what are we going to do about it?” He asks and I just shrug and shakes his head and all of a sudden I feel my feet leave the floor as he takes me up the ladder into our bedroom above.

He sets me down and says again with the commanding voice “Kneel and put your hands behind your back!” I did as I was told and he smiled at me. He got down to my level and held my face level with his and smiled at me. He kissed me again and I kissed him back…I was steadily growing more and more aroused by the touches and I knew what was coming.



I watched as he stands up and kicks his shoes off and unzips his pants, pulling them down and his boxers I could clearly see how erect his cock was and I look up at him and he smiled at me and he opened my mouth and I obliged. He positioned his cock in front of me and I take the length into my mouth, he gives a groan and threads his fingers through my hair and push me down farther on his cock.


He groans some more and his hand pushes me farther onto his cock almost to the base of it, I try not to gag or choke on it as I know he doesn’t like that. I continue to suck his cock spurred on by his groans….soon though I hear him “Oh baby I need you now!”


He pulls his cock out and I wait for him to let me get up and he does and he picks me up again and puts me on the bed kissing me roughly and I feel his hands explore my body all the way down to my clit and he smiles as he realizes how aroused I am. He starts to rub my clit and I moan into his lips, his hand keeps exploring my body and he finds my nice wet hole and he inserts two fingers pushing them deep inside me my back arches from the pleasure and I moan again.


This makes him finger me faster each time hitting the spot that drives me crazy, the spot that makes me moan louder. When he’s had enough fingering me he removes his fingers and undresses and climbs on the bed and we smile at each other and he positions his still hard cock above my wet hole. I could feel him plunge the length of it deep inside me. Grabbing a hold of the sheets and arching my back again I scream out in pleasure, the sounds of my pleasure making him plunge deeper and harder inside me.


Soon beads of sweat start to glisten down our bodies as we roll around the bed and I soon feel him tense up and I prepare myself for what he’s about to do…he gives me one more hard thrust making me moan and I feel him relax as our climaxes join each other. He rolls over next to me on the bed and we’re both out of breath…he turns to me and I turn to him and we kiss.


Just before drifting off to sleep I say “Welcome home honey!”


P.S. Alright if you want to know what we’re wearing the IM me and I’ll let you know. Also the poses are from *~*HopScotch*~* for Poser Pavilion so go get them. Also I am fully aware I have the EXACT same stuff as I did in my first post and that’s because I wanted it to be a continuation of the first one and what happens when Dustan comes home and learns what I did while he was at work.

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