Girls just want to have fun…

One night recently my best friend was bored, so she invited me over to have some naughty fun. I was, of course, only too happy to agree. She was already down to only her panties and heels by the time I got there, and I was soon wearing the same. I just had to…embrace her… we both looked so good, and we were just in that kind of mood.


She and I have always been close. Some nights, like the night she invited me over, we tend to get naughtier than normal. One thing led to another, and we found ourselves in a torrid embrace on her bed. I somehow ended up on top, but neither of us minded.


One thing led to another, and soon, we were lost in each other. It’s our little secret… but we won’t tell.



If there’s anyone out there who wants to know anything we’re wearing or using for decor, shoot either of us an IM inworld. I’m SarahBear18 Gossipgirl, and she is Adelayda GossipGirl. The pictures were taken by her. Hot, right? 😉


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