Sun Rising While We’re Moaning


Tell me what turns you on, you like the slow songs?
You like some candles lit?
That ain’t really my style but see, I planned a trip
And yeah, we both cumming
Just tell me how you want it
I’ll give it to you like I owe you something when I’m on it
On it like my job
I’m hoping I confess
This life gets hard I can take away your stress if you let me
You knew just what this was when you met me
So let your guard down girl, I’ll take your bra down girl and undress ya
Real slow yeah I’ll make you feel special
I can feel your heart beating fast
From the passion, you’re hands reaching for the sheets to grab
And now you’re leakin’ while we freakin’ ain’t no speakin’ but you’re moanin’
You’re so fine I got to give it to you
Now, can I hit it in the morning?

–J. Cole In The Morning

[Credits available here]

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