I’m so Lonely!

It’s another lonely night for me, with Dustan being at work I’m left all alone to please myself. I decide to walk into our bedroom and doll myself up to make myself feel better, letting my hair hang loose around my shoulders from the day. I put on some of my sexy lingerie and put my kimono on and start to apply make up. Moving the pink lipstick over my luscious lips I lean a bit too far back and fall off my stool. The cool silk of the kimono sticking to my back I lay on the floor and decide to explore my body.

Moving my hands carefully over my creamy breasts, noticing that my nipples have grown a little hard. I slip a hand beneath the fabric of the bra and give them just the lightest of pinch, a spark of arousal courses through my body and a subtle moans escapes my lips. Letting my hands down further down my body to my panties I rest a hand on the thin fabric of the underwear. Do I dare go lower? Making up my mind I slowly slip a hand beneath the fabric and test the waters by gently slipping a finger between my folds.


I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was more aroused than I thought I was. I start to slowly rub letting the feeling wash over me, another moan escapes my lips and I start to rub faster letting another moan come out this one a little louder than the last. At this point I slip the thin fabric off myself and search around for something until finally finding my favorite toy, it’s cool and long and I turn it on and it vibrates in my hand sending waves through me….I slowly take the toy and insert it inside myself the effects are instant as my back arches and my eyes are closed in pleasure.

Moving with my hand as it thrusts in and out of me I moan louder. Feeling myself getting closer I switch to a more faster vibration which makes my head spin in ecstasy as I continue to move my hips with the thrust of my hand. My free hand gripping onto my bra pulling the fabric down to expose my breast as it pinches and twist my already hard nipple, sending more waves of pleasure through me. With a last thrust I explode hard all over my toy and crumple up into a heap on the floor. Breathing very heavily I slowly get up and leave my discarded panties on the floor while I crawl into bed and sleep while waiting for Dustan to come home.

Disclaimer: This is slightly based on some true events, Dustan was at work and I was insanely turned on and yeah I played with my vibrator.

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