For Your Viewing Enjoyment.

The name of the post is the title of the picture below, and I thought it would be fun to make this my first contribution. Because your viewing enjoyment is the main purpose of this blog.

What is SL Boudoir? It’s not a fashion blog, though some people may include credits in their picture. It’s not a porn site, though things might get a little steamy in here sometimes.

It’s a place where we can explore the sensual and even erotic side of Second Life. A place to put the pictures that would get us kicked off the feeds, or aren’t appropriate in our everyday blogs. Or to show off our pictures because we don’t have a blog but like to take sexy pictures, and want to show them off.

They may include a story or essay to go with them, or they might be worth a thousand words all on their own, and leave you to interpret them as you wish.

Whatever the circumstances around them, we hope you enjoy spending some time with us as we journey behind the closed doors of our virtual world.

For Your Viewing Enjoyment

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